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To be honest, I think that this Kony situation is overblown... There are other generals besides him, like Bosco, for example. However, all I hear about is "OMFG, KONY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!"

The animation was a little crude, as well as short, but it has a point.

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Zachary responds:

Yeah, we really need to stop Hitler imo.

Oh, MAN...

Matt Mercer AND Lenkobiscuit...
...That is some beautiful stuff right there.

Excellent voice acting and animation per usual, guys. Thanks.
Humor was amusing, too.

One DIRTY halloween...

And probably the most funniest. I may personally hate those cheap, fake "Ghosts are Real" shows, but this makes perfect ridicule of them! The twist at the end was a tiny bit used, but it DID make the episode more interesting. And, dare I say it, I think Satan is becoming my favorite character!

Dirty, satiric and overall funny, This made Halloween more enjoyable than it already is for me.

P.S. Try the "Random Costume Generator" from the start of the cartoon: I got "Retarded Executive Ninja on her Period", "Sleepwalking Paperboy Mermaid made entirely out of Boobs" and "Fire-Breathing Jaguar with Three Eyes". I wonder if anyone else got something funnier or more awesome than those?

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Rather orginal.

It's similar to Amnesia, in which you have to escape an entity that you cannot overcome by brute force. Instead, you have to use your wits and survive as long as possible.

I swear, I played this for an entire hour. Maybe there could be a high-score board that rates how long each player lasted!

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Epic, per usual.

The Last Stand series always tends to be impressive. Gameplay is tight and rewarding... however, whenever a mob of zombies happen to burst out of the ceiling, that tends to happen a bit too often. Also, I've experienced a bug where I can't help my companion. Goddammit, I don't want Hank and his sweet rifle skills to die!

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Pretty cool...

This game can be technically considered "Audiosurf Lite", especially if you think about the stiff controls, the lack of other play modes and the only song you can high-score on is the default "Aerodrone" track.

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Slender man approves! (Faceless creepy bastard...)

This song sends chills down my spine! I only have three gripes with this:
1. The random flute-ish noise around 0:27 sort of spoils the moodiness.
2. The ends of the loops don't neccessarily match.
3. Lack of a bit of substance in industrial instruments (Although this doesn't present much of a problem, as it is reminescent of the Silent Hill games.)

You are on the right track with this! Just a little more work and this can work as Slender Man's haunting theme!

(P.S. I'm not trying to flame you. I'm just trying to deliver some constructive criticism.)

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That's honesty for you.
We have enough crap circulating through the system.
It's been too long since I heard originality.
Good refresher...
...The ending was a bit abrupt though, bro.

The1Benji responds:

True words man, thanks, i keep my shit original, truth be told i dont even listen to rap

visit me on youtube : www.youtube.com/the1Benji

Similarity FOUND!

I like this song, I really do, but I think I found a copycat.
I t can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hij4lM M1Hy8&feature=related

...If you listen closely, you can here the piano you laid out for your song, only sped up. Coincidence?

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Alright, cool. Now add Duke Nukem, Liberty Prime and Bandit Keith in there... Now THAT'S FRIGGING PATRIOTISM.

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It's a far cry from most of the other stuff you'd find in the art portal (and that's a good thing!) However, I think I read in the rules that photos, while an accepted art form, were not allowed in the portal. Sorry for this! I REALLY do like this, though!

pencilbandit responds:

This is an acrylic painting on canvas. But thanks!

This is aces!

Dude, don't be so hard on yourself. You did an EPIC job with the mouse. Even JohnnyUtah liked it!


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